Our world

Our world

Serious taste is not a option

Giving each of you the opportunity to discover new and sweet goodness every moment of your day: this is our history, our identity, our mission ...That's why, as far as we are concerned, taste is a serious matter.

Our history

Three generations of our family have been passionately devoting themselves to the great school of Italian confectionery for over 90 years, rigorously reinterpreting it but adding the creativity of exclusive recipes, creating a special balance between tradition and innovation.A balance that has built up a serious reputation of reliability in our sector of the market over time as well as an exclusive product of complete trust with our consumers, who are always regarded as 'one of the family’.


This is our distinctive style, which has consolidated our serious business reputation on the pure substance of the facts:

  1. Careful selection of the quality raw materials, without using hydrogenated fats, palm oil and refined flour
  2. making the most of a short chain, so as to ensure a true relationship with the local territory and respecting the environment and quality of the end product
  3. constant research and development activities for the formulation of recipes and for the implementation of advanced process technologies.

Because as far as we are concerned, overall quality is not just a standard, but a guarantee that we are taking our job seriously: giving you moments of goodness everyday.